Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Slea Head Drive, Kerry, Ireland

We had driven Slea Head Drive before but as the driver I didn't see much except one lane roads!

This time we arranged a Slea Head Drive tour with Rory Brosnan. On this trip all of us got to enjoy the scenery and Rory took us to places we would have never found. Rory lives just off Slea Head Drive and his wife is a professor of Gaelic. Her family was evacuated by the government from the Blasket Islands in 1953. Every local we encountered spoke to Rory by name.

We stopped at the Beehive huts. While the parking for these is on Slea Head Drive we had just driven past them on our last trip. They are privately operated and a short hike up a hill. The operator was very friendly and rounded down the price of admission for the 4 of us to €10. My granddaughter was free.

Rory took us to several beaches, one of which is where he swims every night right next to the "No Swimming" sign. He says it's safe if you swim in a group of 4. Yeah, right.

The Gallarus Oratory was on our list for Rory to take us to. When we got there he drove right past the brown tourist sign. He continued on up the road to a second parking area which was not crowded and much closer. That's just the kind of service you get from Rory.

He took us shopping at Louis Mulcahy's and to lunch at Bar an Bhuailtin, which had large and modern amenities. Rory had a new VW van that was comfortable for the 5 of us. The logistics were easy as he picked us up at our hotel right on time.

Rory doesn't take credit cards so come prepared with euros.

Their web site is here and the TripAdvisors are here.

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