Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Ocean Springs, Mississippi

While we were in Biloxi we took a day trip to Ocean Springs, just down US 90. Our objective was to see all we could of Walter Anderson's works.

Our first stop was The Walter Anderson Museum of Art. Besides all the history and art works the docents are incredible. Be sure and look up and see Walter's old bicycle. The museum adjoins the Ocean Springs Community Center which is literally wall-to-wall murals by Walter Anderson.

Just down the street is Realizations. This is a shop dedicated to Walter Anderson's works. You can buy his black and white prints or chose from a extensive selection of colorized works by local artists. While we were shopping his daughter dropped by!

After a delicious and relaxing lunch at Salvetti's Italian Grill (now closed) we drove out to Shearwater Pottery. This was started by Walter Anderson's brother, Peter. It is still run by family. It's a must see.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Biloxi, Mississippi

We wanted to take a quick trip (little did we realize how quick it would be) to the beach. The Mississippi Gulf Coast is just under 6 hours away so off we went.

One of our criteria was to be ON the beach. Other than the casinos the only thing we could find on the beach side of US 90 was South Beach Biloxi Hotel and Suites. The reviews were spotty at the time but nothing can beat the location. It seemed that most of the negative reviews were regarding a renovation that had been done.

It certainly isn't a 5 star facility but if what you want is beachfront, this is the place to stay. Our room had a partial beach view. If you go for that ask for it to be on the west side as the east side overlooks a bright pink ugly building. The westerly view is a parking lot but you can see the sunset over the beach. We had a small private balcony with 2 chairs and a table.

The first couple of floors are parking. Getting in there was spotty but there's that nice parking lot just to the west.

There's a good enough (and free) breakfast and a laid back bar that we never used.

But the best thing is that you walk out the back of the hotel onto the beach! Actually there's a wonderful boardwalk between the hotel and the beach and hotel supplied beach chairs on a private deck with beach music playing.

There are several local joint places in easy walking distance for drinks and food.

And of course I had to visit the Biloxi Lighthouse.

Hurricane Florence caused us to leave early. It never really hit the Gulf Coast but all the restaurants and businesses closed so we went home.