Monday, May 26, 2008

Drombeg Stone Circle, Cork, Ireland

My daughter had been reading a series of books about time travel where the time travel was initiated by walking into a stone circle. When I saw all the stone circles near Clonakilty, I had to take her to the Drombeg Stone Circle.

As with most places in Ireland, the signage was somewhat lacking! We finally had to stop a man in a horse and buggy to ask where the stone circle was.

If you don't see the horse and buggy, the most dependable way to locate the stone circle is via its entry on the site. This site also has directions.
2.4 km (1 ½ ml) E of Glandore, 250 m down a path to the E of a byroad. Signposted (SN 381). One of the few stone circles in County Cork with proper signposts all the way, off the Glandor and Clonakilty Rd, it is a short walk from the sign posts with a proper car park.
Your mileage may vary.

Like Avebury, this is such a contrast to Stonehenge. As you'll see from my pictures, you can walk (and climb) all through the stones.

The wikipedia article is pretty sparse. Another reference site is here. The area's web site is here and has the following description:
On the horizon in the west there is a v-shaped hollow between two hills. At the Winter Solstice, i.e. 21st December, the sun sets into that hollow in alignment with the recumbent and portal stones of the circle.

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