Friday, May 23, 2008

O'Donovan's Bar, Fishers Cross, Cork, Ireland

After a hard afternoon at Galley Head Lighthouse, we headed over to O'Donovan's Bar to get refreshed. After all, we hadn't had any alcohol since the Jamison's for lunch. O'Donovan's Bar at Fishers Cross is a family run establishment located about a mile from Kilkern Lake. Denis O'Donovan is the second generation proprietor. Denis sponsors the local road bowling team. Here's a picture from the '70s of Denis road bowling.

Their web site is here.

My son-in-law learned a valuable lesson at O'Donovan's Bar. Never leave a €50 note on an Irish bar.

Here's a really good map of the Clonakilty area. To find Fishers Cross, find Galley Head at the bottom and look due North.

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