Sunday, October 22, 2023

New York City 2023

Pre-pandemic, we used to visit NYC every year or so. My daughter's in-laws' family is from there and there are still strong ties.

We last went early January 2020 and we all know what happened after that.

We finally got back for Fall Break 2023. My daughter did an incredible job of squeezing in something for everybody!

Wednesday, after a 6:00 AM flight, we walked across the street to St. Patrick's Cathedral then down to Central Park to climb some big rocks. The Zoo was closed but I found Randel's Bolt.

We hit Serendipity for dinner and visited Times Square.

Thursday was packed. We started at Little Island near Battery Park.

Then nearby to One World Experience's observation deck. It was as inspiring as the 9/11 Memorial & Museum was moving.

After a lunch 1700 feet in the air, we took the girls to Battery Park and found the Sea Glass Carousel.

There was a playground nearby so the girls worked off their lunch.

After a taxi ride back to Mid-Town, we hit "MJ" at the Neil Simon Theatre.

Times Square was hopping as we passed through.

We made it back to the hotel just before they closed the kitchen.

Friday was dedicated to some real estate business. When the grown-ups went to look at fixtures, we took the 7-year old to Twenty-Four Sycamores Park.

Then rode the tram to Roosevelt Island.

A taxi ride took us to John's of Time Square, a quiet (at lunch) pizzeria.

Dinner was at the Broadway Lounge at the Marriott Marquis.

On Saturday we split up. The 7-year old went to American Girl and the 14-year old went to Tiffany's.

Afterwards, the 7-year old went to the Metropolitan Museum and looked at the mummies. The 14-year old went to Billionaires Row and tried to talk her way into the lobby.

Sunday was the trip home.

What a trip!

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