Monday, July 08, 2024

France 2024 - Geotracks

Here are geotracking maps of where we went in France. Although they seem fairly coarse, zoom way in and you can see tremendous details.

I used my iPhone 14 Pro and myTracks app without any in-app purchases.

In myTracks, I set the Time Interval to 60 seconds. Then each morning before we would leave the hotel, I would "Start short time recording" for 16-20 hours. This would cause it to automatically stop recording and create a daily track file. I never had trouble with battery life but I would check it around dinner.

When we returned, I exported each track to e-mail that I then sent to myself. From that e-mail, I saved the resulting .gpx files to my PC.

I used Google My Maps to create a new map. I imported each .gpx file to a new layer and tailored it setting labels and colors.

There is a limit of how many layers you can add to a map so I created a separate map for each segment of our travel.

Once I had added all the tracks to a map, I marked it for sharing so that anyone with the link could view.

I also found a technique to extract the GPS track data from a Google Maps Timeline. Leave me a comment if you want that technique.


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