Sunday, September 04, 2022

The Shores Country House, Cappatigue, Kerry, Ireland

What more can I say about the Shores Country House? I've posted about it here and here. It's still the one place my son-in-law insists on staying when we visit Ireland. An my daughter's post says "we gorged ourselves on our favorite breakfast in the world." And I stand by my earlier comment "The Shores Country House is one of the nicest places we've stayed anywhere, anytime, PERIOD."

The rooms had been renovated since our last visit and the Internet worked great. But don't stay on the Internet too long. Get out and walk around. The grounds are beautiful and overlook Brandon Bay and the longest beach in Ireland.

Annette O'Mahony is the consummate host and cook. She has moved her website here ( The Tripadvisor reviews are here but they're pretty much all 5.0s.

On the way in, we dined at Spillane's Bar on Stradbally.

On the way out, we backtracked a little and visited the waterfall on Conor Pass. It was raining so we didn't explore Peddlers Lake like we had done before but we were treated to a beautiful rainbow.



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