Wednesday, October 30, 2019

High Point Restaurant

While we were visiting with the hostess at The Gallery at Monteagle, we asked her for a recommendation for dinner. She was quick to respond with the High Point Restaurant.

We didn't think we needed to make reservations on a weeknight in Monteagle, TN but we were surprised by the crowd. We got in with no trouble but I would recommend reservations just in case.

The local legend of the High Point is that Monteagle is the mid-point between Chicago and Miami, Al Capone would travel from Chicago to Miami stopping overnight in Monteagle. He built the house that is now the High Point Restaurant  The legend goes on that there are escape tunnels underneath and a light fixture that was illuminated to warn the local law enforcement that Capone was in residence.

Whatever the history is the food and service are extraordinary.

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