Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Ocean Springs, Mississippi

While we were in Biloxi we took a day trip to Ocean Springs, just down US 90. Our objective was to see all we could of Walter Anderson's works.

Our first stop was The Walter Anderson Museum of Art. Besides all the history and art works the docents are incredible. Be sure and look up and see Walter's old bicycle. The museum adjoins the Ocean Springs Community Center which is literally wall-to-wall murals by Walter Anderson.

Just down the street is Realizations. This is a shop dedicated to Walter Anderson's works. You can buy his black and white prints or chose from a extensive selection of colorized works by local artists. While we were shopping his daughter dropped by!

After a delicious and relaxing lunch at Salvetti's Italian Grill (now closed) we drove out to Shearwater Pottery. This was started by Walter Anderson's brother, Peter. It is still run by family. It's a must see.

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