Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Old Quebec Airbnb

This was our first Airbnb experience and we were thrilled.

Old Quebec Airbnb was really nice. It was built in 1654 but has been remodeled since then. The millwork is awesome. The door locks are still the old metal latches. Our apartment was on the 2nd floor (US counting) and there's one above it. We heard occasional footsteps and noises but there was never a problem. The first night we kept hearing a irregular beeping like a truck backing up. Turns out it was the Québec flag squeaking on its post just outside our window.

You can park in the Hôtel de Ville parking garage but the entrance to was hard to find as the street (Rue Pierre Oliver Chauveau) was closed (just drive around the signs). When you exit the garage at the Rue des Jardins exit you are directly across the street from the apartment.

The Airbnb host owns a couple of shops downstairs, a gift shop (Le Sachem) and a coffee shop (La Maison Smith). The coffee shop also has wonderful pastries and we had breakfast there each morning.

Just down the street was a little neighborhood grocery (Epicerie Richard, 15, Rue du fort) that has enough of a selection to get you by. It also looks so typically Québec.

All the appliances were fresh stainless. There wasn't a dishwasher nor an ice maker but we weren't planning on washing dishes anyway. The washer and dryer were nice to have and we used them.

The Wi-Fi is the gift shop's business network so its speed is good, 10+ Mbps both ways, but only reaches the living room. In the bedroom you can sometimes get the guest network from the coffee shop.

We visited in late August and the temperatures were never above the high 60s. On one day and night the apartment was muggy. There is a small section of each window that will open and there are fans.

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